Nusach Hari B’nai Zion

Project Name:  Nusach Hari B’ nai Zion
Location:  Ollivette, Missouri
Contractor:  Ficon Construction, Inc.
Completion Date:  Fall, 2011
Description:  A midst the crash of 2008, the budget for the synagogue was slashed by over one third.  Although modest, the building provides every essential feature from the original program.  The two-story building includes a large multi-use sanctuary, a lower level chapel, and administrative spaces.  Special attention was given to strict observance of Jewish Law, including room orientation, two kosher kitchens and ritual hand washing areas.  The design uses the natural slope of the site to provide on-grade access on both levels.  An innovative heating and cooling system utilizes solar collectors and a ground source heat pump resulting in zero utility costs.