Applied Scholastics

Project Name:  Applied Scholastics
Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Contractor:  Prost Builders
Owner: ABLE International
Completion Date:  June, 2003
Construction Costs: $1,500,000
Description:  Levine Architects was the local architect for the comprehensive renovation of this existing 3-story retirement center as an educational facility.  Living quarters were renovated and the main lobby and dining facility reworked.  We provided all construction drawings and as coordinated between the out-of town client and designer, local contractor, as well as provided extensive code analysis and negotiation with code enforcement authorities.

A related project renovated the original 100-year old farmhouse for use as the director’s apartment with first floor meeting and banquet spaces.  This project also included exterior entertainment facilities and a two-car garage blending with the original building style.